Diving in Sardegna

Diving Karibu San Teodoro

The Karibu Diving Centre at San Teodoro is located at the Bungalow Club Village. Directly on the Cala D’Ambra beach and completely surrounded by trees and the typical mediterranean maquis vegetation around the Tavolara/Capo Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area (map of the marine park). The complex consists of a central area on the beach, where the main amenities are found, and a series of small independent buildings which are the rooms, surrounded by well-maintained green spaces with seasonal flowering plant species; the rooms are linked by stone-paved paths, lit up at night.


The limestone massif of Tavolara is undoubtedly one of the island’s astonishing geological marvels, located near the north-east coast of Gallura. The island is a huge limestone massif, a dolomite block from the Mesozoic era. Its cliffs tower above sea level at a height of 565 metres, dominating the small archipelago at their feet. Tavolara is actually surrounded by small granite islands, including Molara and Molarotto , tiny islets in the crystalline blue sea, where the imposing limestone suddenly breaks off and plunges into the blue water.